Free Lunch, $20 Cash, and Crypto Chats with Promethio’s Founder 🍔💸🚀
Hey future crypto whiz,

What’s better than a free lunch and a crisp $20 bill? Having it with me, Brian Jackson, the founder and creator of Promethio!

You see, Promethio is all about making your phone earn its keep – by earning you some sweet, sweet crypto while it’s idle. But I want to make sure it’s as awesome for you as it can possibly be.

That’s where the free lunch comes in.

I’m inviting you to sit down with me and share your thoughts on how we can make Promethio more exciting for you and your friends. I promise it’ll be more fun than cafeteria food and stale jokes. Plus, you’ll walk away with a full stomach, a heavier wallet, and an insider’s look at the world of blockchain.

If you’re game, fill out a few details below, and let’s grab a bite together!

Hoping to break bread (and blockchain) with you soon,
Brian Jackson, Promethio 🚀