The Promethio Network is a digital token ecosystem based on something of actual value. It let’s you mine crypto anonymously right from your phone when it’s not in use, giving you valuable crypto in exchange for providing temporary storage space to the Promethio network.

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distributed PROM

A token with real world applications

The problem with digital token and tokens is that most of them are just made up monopoly money. They don’t actually perform any function, so they’re only worth what somebody says they’re worth.

Promethio changes all that. It’s an actual system of value, empowering you the user to mine crypto from your phone when you’re not using it.

No fancy expensive mining computers.

No carbon emissions from crazy power usage.

No fees to join or mine.

Promethio is a brilliant concept. We’re excited to see how it changes the crypto landscape.

Promethio is a brilliant concept. We’re excited to see how it changes the crypto landscape.

How can you mine crypto from a phone?

Mining crypto traditionally involves:

Proof of work

like how Bitcoin miners spend money on computers and lots of electricity to perform complex operations


Proof of stake

like how Cardano miners spend their computer power to constantly prove the ledger.

In both cases, the coins are simply working or staking themselves. The radical shift with Promethio technology is that it serves neither of these functions.

Instead, you can actually use the storage space on the mini computer inside of your phone to provide a small, temporary holding place for other people to store their data, anonymously. It becomes part of a large network of phone storage space, like a super-computer powered by the Promethio community.

You never see the data, and they never see what’s on your phone.

Why promethio will succeed


System design

To design a decentralized network that is autonomous, mobile, independent, and powerful requires experts in engineering, development, security, blockchain and more to architect a solution that is scalable and highly functional. The system design phase is the foundation of Promethio and ensures a successful network capable of powerful functionality with low power consumption.

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Define functionality

The Promethio network is designed to support a wide array of functionality. The system design phase researches the ways that each functional element interacts with the network based on the system design and architecture, and writes clear definitions of how the development team will implement the various functional elements. The core functionality for the first phase of the Promethio network is coin transactions, encrypted messaging, file storage, fractional data encryption, escrow, contracts, and all the interlocking element that help utilize this functionality on mobile devices or integrated into apps and websites.

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Application design

Designing how the application will function on various mobile devices and different operating systems like iOS and Android is a critical piece of how Promethio operates efficiently and reaches scale. The application phase leverages senior developers and system architects to build out the application framework.

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Blockchain architecture

Enabling a truly decentralized network will require the use of multiple technologies centered around a blockchain core. Designing this core blockchain architecture will require mathematicians, blockchain engineers, blockchain architects, lead developers, and system architects to properly create a scalable, robust network that works.

  • 20% 20% 20%
UX application development

Functionality matters, but how a user interacts with various pieces of the Promethio app is critical to successful adoption. The user experience and design of each functional element, from messaging to encryption, should be clean, modern, and easy to use. User experience architects, researchers and designers are needed to understand the best ways to make the Promethio app approachable, stylish, and simple for anyone with level of technical expertise.

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Functionality development

The final step in the project roadmap before activation of the Promethio network is the development of the functionality behind the user experience. In the define functionality phase, we wrote the architectural requirements for building each piece of functionality. Now, a team of highly skilled developers write the necessary code and integrate it into the user experience. Once completed, testing and integrity validation will ensure we’re ready to launch.

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Trust your complex operations
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Want to access a radically different unified network more powerful than the most advanced supercomputers?

Promethio is a foremost trusted network to:

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Process data anonymously

Encrypted messaging

Perform vital business functions

Crypto should be for everyone

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